Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#Throwback 20I3

This same day, last year was the turning point for me.  On this very day last year, I received a letter that changed my career path.  I could still remember clearly the incident, the letter was sent to me at 3:00 p.m. informing me to report duty at my current office on I5th January 20I3.  I could still remember how I feel at that point of time, happy, relieved and anxious.......

My former boss got to know about this only on 2 January 20I3....and that left her with less than 2 weeks to look for my replacement.......

At first, I was struggling like hell, trying to learn new ropes and ways of doing things.  Slowly but steadily, I pick up whatever that I need to do.....in short, Fundamental in Business Development.  At the same time, I have to brush up my skills and knowledge in Finance, preparing P&L, estimation, CAPEX and sensitivity reports for new projects.  At least I have some understanding and knowledge in finance, I could understand and carry out my work with little hiccups....

Now, I have been in my current position for just over one year.....I took the challenge and tried to do my very best in all tasks that were given to me.  I am still at the learning curve as there are a lot more that I have not known.  What I know is this job is my passion....I've been wanting to do something totally different for years.

For year 20I4, I feel honoured because I'm among the I0 staff that was selected to enroll in professional course and hopefully by 3rd quarter next year, I would graduate as "Certified Fraud Examiner".  I guess I'm really lucky to be able to learn more new things as time goes by.

Be as it may, currently I enjoy doing whatever I'm doing and hope I would have the passion for years to come.  It came to my knowledge that there's other party who is keen and interested to have me in their division.  Without fail, they have been asking my superior to release me, to the extent of promoting me to a higher position.  I am thankful that my superior understands my needs/passion and declines their request politely.

There's bigger challenges next year and I do hope that I would be able to strive to give my very best in everything I do.

Nota kaki:  Where on earth would get a job that pays you to eat, a.k.a. food tasting at various dining places?? heheheh

Ambang Tahun Baru

Today I was in the office.  Office lengang, ramai yg bercuti.  Boss pun tak dak, cuti gak.  Aku terpaksa masuk opis ini hari kerana nak submit tender, due date nye hari ini.  So, nak tak nak terpaksa lar batalkan niat nak bercuti tu.

By pukul sepuluh lebih, tender submitted, next, keeping our fingers crossed about it.  Seriously, I would want the company that I worked for be awarded with the tender.  I want it to be our "test" outlet by operating it like any other F&B operator.  No SAP, no saji gourmet etc system.

Lepas submit tender, I did some final touch up for the new project in LBU.  Kira costing CAPEX bagai.....should be ok as I have forwarded it to my boss, let him decides and amend, if need be.

Lepas touch up new project, aku pn baca final review of the board paper, ada one of my colleagues mintak tolong.  Amended their version and forwarded it to them.  Biar ler mereka follow up with the next procedure.

Overall, I believe the outstanding/pending tasks have been settled.  Now have to start working on the P&L for the new project seblm boss tanya.  Tak pe, itu semua small matter, di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan.

Kiranya aku bekerja dgn tekun hingga petang ler before I left slightly earlier coz ada perkara yg perlu disettlekan.  Aku tgk opis pn selepas lunch makin lengang......ramai rupanye dah main ular2 lebih awal dari aku.

Anyway, wishing uols a very happy new year......keep up the good work, let's strive for a better year and earn heaps of $$ and bonus.....heheheh

Nota kaki:  Motif sungguhkan tiba2 dia volunteer nak datang umah aku semata2 nak collect access card.  Rather than u come to my house, I would meet you somewhere so that you could have your access card.  Tak payah susah2 nak ke rumah aku.....lain mcm aje modus operandi dia kali nie.....

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Simple dishes that I love to prepare

I always enjoy my chit chat session with my lunch mate....We could talk about anything, politic, religion, beliefs and our most favourite topic would be food/cooking.

During one of our chit chat session, we discussed our favourite topic.  Then I told her that I love to cook stir fried "yaw mak tam" and "taw miew".  Her eyes suddenly went like, "what??  do you know that those veggies are expensive".  Which I replied "yes...abt RMI0 per kg"....tapi dah mmg itu sayur yg aku suka....gagahkan jugak ler membeli....
My lunch mate kat I got expensive taste....what to do lor....

She briefly told me some natural remedies to control sugar level, buang angin etc....of which I am more than willing to try it later.  I also told her that I love to cook "ham choy thong", salted veg soup in english.  She was so surprised coz majority of her malay friends tak tau pun pasal masakan cina.  I told her that I like my ham choy thong to have soft taufu and lots of thinly sliced young ginger in it.....terasa nyaman aje badan selepas minum soup tu....

Besides yaw mak tam and taw miew, ada satu lagi sayur yg aku suka sgt and it is getting expensive by the day, brussels sprouts.....normally I would blanched the brussels sprouts in boiling water for few minutes, and then gaul dgn butter.....makan mcm tu aje.....sedaps nye tak terperi....Masa zaman aku crave like hell for brussels sprouts, one small pack only cost me around RM7.00, now, around belas2 hengget gak lah kan.....tapi kalo dah teringin sgt, mmg aku beli and makan sorang2 ler....heheheh.

In short, I like simple and easy to cook dishes.....masakan yg menggunakan santan2 tu mmg aku boleh masak but to makan, aku jarang ler.  For me, kalo tahap kemalasan dah melanda, a simple telur dadar with hot rice and kicap cili pun dah ok....cukup menyelerakan....

I am still searching the "kai pau" recipe, sejibik mcm yg dijual oleh restoran cina.  Those days masa zaman jahiliyah, mmg aku beli aje....sebab inti pau itu adalah solid ketulan daging ayam yg di stir fried bersama kicap, sos and sengkuang and topped up with sebiji telur rebus....cukup mengenyangkan.....Selain dari kai pau, I am trying to buat sendiri "loh mai kai"....pulut kicap yg dikukus bersama daging ayam and cendawan kering...Not to be forgotten the steamed yam cake.....walla wei....memang membuka selera......

Just by writing this posting, mulut aku dah terliur.....harusss lah masuk dapur pada kadar segera nie.....hehehhe

Yam Mak Tam

 Taw Miew

 Kai Pao looks a bit like this

 Ham Choy Thong with lots of soft taufu....yummy

Loh Mai Kai.. 

** Semua gambo adalah ihsan pakcik google....credit to the photo owners

Nota kaki:  I love simple food....especially chinese food.....I think maybe ada kena mengena kot dgn arwah moyang aku (sebelah mak), dgr citer nye dia adalah anak cina yg diserahkan kpd keluarga melayu utk dijaga.....really?? And at times I find that chinese guys are attractive and interesting....It runs in blood, I guess....hehehehehe

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Year Resolution

New year is just around the corner.  Yes, I know I'm the type yang tak suka nak buat new year's resolution.....but this time round, I would want to give it a try.

I think below are the aspects/areas I would like to make improvement:

- To be a more dedicated muslim....To improve my iman for the better;
- To lessen procrastination in all aspects of my life;
- To love myself first before anybody/anything else.  I wouldn't want to be taken for granted anymore;
- To complete and pass my study with flying colours.  My first class would start on 28 and 29 January 20I4 so that I would be certified as "Certified Fraud Examiner";
- To go on short holiday, be it domestic or international....thinking of going as "backpackers";
- To be more dedicated in my work coz what I'm doing now is my passion;
- Lesser drama and sinetron in my life;
- To be financially stable and independent.....insya allah......(working out on something and hope to get a positive result as time goes by)....
 - To find someone whom I can proudly and officially call as "My Sayang".

Apa lagi yek....I think that's all for now.....nanti kalo teringat, the list will be updated accordingly.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, December 23, 2013


If only I could, I would wish that I could hear your voice again.....I wish that I could talk to you again....share with you all the stories that had happened ever since you were gone...talk with you for hours like what we used to do.....Laugh at your jokes....do the things we used to do together such as driving around, watch kids playing football at the field....etc.  I wish I could hold you in my arms once again....

All these are only my wishes...I know for definite that it would never happen again.....I wish you joy, I wish you happiness wherever you may be now....

Friday, December 20, 2013


Buat kesekian kalinya dlm jangkamasa 2 bulan, aku ditugaskan utk cover semua destination yg tertera di atas.  Mission kali ini adalah utk membuat evaluation and observation as to whether we could open outlets there.....Tempoh perjalanan, 4 hari 3 malam.

First day of traveling started on I6th December....we cant book a later flight coz semuanya penuh.  So, at 5:30 a.m. aku dah terpacak kat KLIA, together with my colleague and boss.  Muka sekor2 mcm zombie aje.....Flight pukul 7 pagi.....sampai KCH around 8:45 a.m.....hambek ko....terus berduyun2 kitaorg ke outlet di sana.

Selepas buat inspection, kitaorg masuk semula ke departure area to evaluate the performance of one fast food outlet kat situ......Pi mai, pi mai.....kitaorg keluar dari terminal jam 4 petang....terus ke 2 shopping complexes to check on the latest F&B trend in town.....

Had early dinner kat Singapore Chicken Rice in Spring Mall.  How come I never know food offered kat sini sedapssss.......

Lepas dinner, we took a taxi back to airport, amek luggage bagai and terus ke hotel utk check in.  We stayed in Pullman Hotel.

I7th December
2nd day of traveling and also 2nd day I woke up at 4:00 a.m.  Penat tak leh cakap....terus mandi dan bersiap2.....then check out.  Ada kejadian terjadi, kitaorg dah pesan dgn hotel, to pack our breakfast so that we could have it masa kat airport.  Sampai dah check out baru ler depa perasan kitaorg tak dapat breakfast lagi......Cepat2 ler depa hulur kat kitaorg our packed breakfast.  The same taxi driver took us to the airport.

Sampai airport pukul 5:30 pagi.....terus check in.  Then we had breakfast at our outlet there.  Flight time again kul 7 pagi....semua tertido kepenatan.  Then we landed kat MYY.  Transit kat situ around 2 jam lebih seblm meneruskan perjalanan ke LBU.  Masa kat MYY, kitaorg buat gak some observation and study.....around kul I2, board on a MAS Wings flight to LBU.  First time naik plane yg kecik and ada propeller kat luar....kecut perut wei especially bila plane tu senget2...terasa nak muntah....

Sampai kat LBU around I:00 tgh hari....Visited our duty free outlet then the staff took us around the airport seblm kitaorg jumpa Airport Manager.  Had a brief discussion and the Airport Manager took us around the airport.  We had lunch about half and hour after that.  We departed from there.....one of the staff sent us to the hotel around 2:30 p.m. In LBU, we stayed at Grand Dorsett Hotel.  Best giler hotel nie, wifi free.......

About 2 hours after check in, kitaorg took a stroll kat Ujana Kewangan, the one and only shopping complex in LBU.  Surveyed the area then we had early dinner kat Medan Selera sebelah Dorsett Hotel.  Kat sini mmg kitaorg kena sembelih ler, bayangkan daging masak merah depa charge almost 20 hengget utk sorang makan.....giler ke hapa.

Around 9:00 p.m kitaorg took a cab to the airport again.  Nak observe the night crowd pada waktu malam.  Balik ke hotel semula around II:00 p.m., itu pun selepas aku nyaris tersembam ke meja....hehehehe.

I8th December
Had breakfast then kitaorg siap2 nak check out.  Sampai airport, terus letak barang and kitaorg pg lepak (to observe the morning crowd) kat Old Town White Coffee.  Ada kejadian berlaku masa nie, my colleague tak sihat....berpusing satu airport nak cari minyak cap kapak.....hinggakan boss suh aku pg cari dia kat mana.

After check in, kitaorg pun naik flight ke BKI.  Sampai BKI tepat jam I:30 p.m.  Terus menuju ke outlet kitaorg.....tak sengaja, the outlet manager pun turun ke kedai tu.  Had lunch seblm meneruskan misi berikutnye.......

Around 7:00 p.m we check in kat Klagan Hotel.  Itu pun coz my colleague dah mabuk darat dan nak muntah2.  She decided to stay in the room while aku, boss and outlet manager keluar dinner.......Balik semula ke bilik jam I0:45 malam.

I9th December
Pg menyinggah Pasar Philippine jap, ada yg memesan ikan bilis, udang kering dan ikan masin.  Then, kitaorg check out dan terus berkampung kat airport.

I had lengthy discussion with outlet manager before my boss came to join us.  Lepas tu kitaorg pg visit another outlet......Sempat gak aku beli some chocolates utk anak buah kat umah.

Plane left BKI around 5:30 p.m. and touch down at KLIA around 9:00 p.m.

Overall, trip kali nie memang teramat memenatkan.  We achieved our mission and now banyak ler report kena siapkan.......

Dlm byk2 tempat kitaorg singgah, aku terasa nak berada lebih lama di BKI......I think I left my heart in BKI....I could never get bored there.......maybe because BKI reminds me of Penang kot, bandar tepi laut......

Nota kaki:  Yes, I could see you are trying to be close to me.....somehow I managed to buat tak faham aje....I notice that you are very observant, dok perati aje apa yg aku buat hatta apa yg aku makan.....I know the look in your eyes when you came to our room to collect your bags......again, I pretend that I dont understand.....you want to spend more time to get to know me right??  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The usual bebel-bebelan

Niat aku sewaktu mula mengubah penampilan ku adalah kerana tuntutan agama.  At the same time, aku tak nak timbul sebarang fitnah dan prasangka terhadap diri ku lagi selepas kejadian ditikam kawan baik sendiri...(kes lama dah nie, dah 4 tahun berlalu).

Aku ingat aku berjaya setakat nie.......sehinggalah baru2 nie....ada yg kelihatannye mahu mendekati......aku biarkan sahaja.....sebab aku tak terbuka hati nak mengenali dia dgn lebih dekat...

And the most recent, aku dah terasa akan kewujudan bunga2 ada yg mahu kenal aku dengan lebih rapat....tetapi kali ini seorg yg berlainan bangsa dan agama.....

I dont mind to be friends with sesiapa yang tahu menghormati orang lain....but dont do any silly things that would jepordise your chances to be friends with me.....

Be more gentleman, come and tell me straight that you would like to get to know me better.  Jangan dok bagi idea yang merapu....sebab tak pasal2 nanti, terus aku pangkah besar2.....

Nota kaki:  notice the changes ever since annual dinner ittew hari....yes, maybe I have the ability to "read" your behaviour accurately...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Misteri jam 6:00 petang

Misteri lah sangat kan.

Kejadian berlaku petang tadi.  Aku sibuk membuat persiapan terakhir seblm pg outstation for one week minggu depan.  Tiba2 terasa perlu yg amat nak pergi toilet.  So, aku pergi ler sengsorang, macam biasa.

Tak lewat mana pun, baru jam 6:00 petang aje.  Some more toilet tu depan surau lelaki, memang laluan yg busy ler kat situ.  Aku pun melangkah masuk.  Selalunye ada orang tapi kali ni, aku sengsorang aje.  Dah cantik dah tu.  Terus aku terasa happy sebab my peberet cubicle kosong.  In fact, semua pintu cubicle ternganga luas.

As I was walking to my peberet cubicle, tiba2 terdengar satu suara pompuan bergema, memanggil nama ku dalam nada yg menakutkan....

For few seconds aku mcm terpaku di situ....siap aku pandang semua cubicle yg ternganga tu....mana tau ada yg nk prank aku kan

Then I realise, I was the only living soul there, apa lagi.....cha alip bot ler aku....terasa jauh lak pintu keluar.....

Walaupun lutut aku sakit, aku gagahkan jugak utk berlari.....

Masuk semula opis, ada staff yg perasan muka aku pucat dan bertanya kenapa.  Aku citer aje lah kan kat diaorg....terus semua pakat pack barang dan balik....hampeh betul....

So conclusionnye, sila bawak escort bila terasa nak memerut selepas ini, wokeh.....

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When blur and innocent combines......

Dialog sewaktu lunch time semalam:

X:  If possible plse change the flight.  Dont you realise, we will be taking the smaller plane, the one with the propellers outside from LBU to BKI?

Me:  Oh really??  Ok, I'll try to see whether we could change the flight.

X:  In BKI, where will we be staying?  Le Meridien right?

Me:  No, it's beyond our entitlement.  When I combine my entitlement and Siti, still we cant get a room there.  Promonade is fully booked.  They managed to book us at Klagan Hotel.

X:  Breakfast at that hotel is like having breakfast in Anwar Maju (restoran mamak kat charterfield, KLIA).  What if we combine all our entitlement, and book one room that has two rooms in the unit at Le Meridien Hotel??

Me:  (blinking2.....dlm mode tak faham apa X cakap)....You mean we book a suite and all of us stay in one unit??

X:  Yes, we sleep separate room lah....you and siti in one room, I sleep in one room....

Wokeh.....sampai the last sentence tu, aku dah terkedu....Dia nie biar betul.....Dia tau tak, kang tak pasal2 kena tangkap khalwat.....dgn 2 org pompuan pulak tu and to make things worse, sorang tu, bini orang......(geleng kepala kejap)....

Staff aku pun cakap, kat BKI lain sikit.....Jabatan Agama dia aktif walaupun nampak cam tak berapa "religious" sgt org kat sana.  Anyway, si X nie kadang2 pikiran dia blur sikit, kadang2 cam terlebih advance.  Aku tak leh lupa dialog dia masa kitaorg naik transit nak balik opis hari Isnin hari tu.

X:  Ok, we better go back to office lah.  The rest can wait for the next shuttle.
Staff aku: Ok

Dlm perjalanan:
X:  Azim, kau tak sembahyang ke?
(Dia blur coz ada 2 org lagi tu sembahyang time kitaorg call diaorg ajak balik)
Azim:  hah??  (muka terkejut ditanya soklan mcm tu)
Of course I pray.....they pray early, I will pray later.  We still have till 4:00 p.m. to perform zuhur prayer.

Kadang2 rasa cuak....kadang2 rasa lawak sangat dgn soklan2 blur dia.......

Nota kaki:  Air tenang jgn disangka tak ada buaya......lately tgk dh mcm lain mcm aje cara nye.....


Sunday, December 8, 2013

My bff

Had early dinner appointment with my bff, Umi today.  She broke the news to me.  I was so happy for her...But then later I realised, she is going to settle down soon, insya allah, by next year.  And that leave me alone.....again.....my bff is getting hooked....and I'm nowhere close to her status.

She will be someone's fiancee by end of next week....The news somehow did ring a bell to me.....Apparently, according to her, she gave ultimatum to her bf, if he doesn't have any interest in pursuing their relationship on a serious note, she will find someone else.  

Umi did ask me how's my life, who am I seeing now etc.  I then begin to realise that I've been seeing this someone for quite a long time...off and on basis.....and there's no indication as to whether we are going to be serious or just wasting time.....Am I not brave enuf to know the truth (where I stand and where are we heading to) or just plainly playing along very well.....Am I afraid of commitment?  Hell no......but I have to admit, I do "chicken out" whenever I sense things are getting serious.....I'm afraid I cant be the perfect "other half" for someone......

I'm feeling so down at the moment.....my bff is finally settling down, I dont have someone official that I can call as "my sayang", I dont know where I stand in this so called "relationship"...am I thinking too much or what??

Anyway my dear bff, congratulations....I will remember what you told me just now that you will remain the same....you will always be my bff no matter what.......

Nota kaki:  Seriously, for the past 4 years (after the demise of my fiancee) I have more or less limit myself from going out for a date.....Guess now is the time for me to start meeting new people and make new friends.....

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That dont impress me much

Terasa sungguh lucu (bukan lucah yek) bila nengok gelagat sesetengah manusia yang beriya2 nak bergaya tapi bukan atas hasil usaha senirik.....in short, bergaya dgn harta hasil titik peluh orang tua mereka.

Dont get me wrong, memang kedua org tua aku tak tinggalkan harta (cuma sekadar sebuah rumah sewa utk aku di atas tanah milik mereka, but that's another story) tapi bagi aku, harta yg paling bernilai yg kedua org tua ku beri adalah education.  Kesungguhan bapak aku berhempas pulas bekerja demi untuk memastikan kami berempat beradik dapat pendidikan yang terbaik.  Pendidikan terbaik di sini tidak bermaksud hantar kami ke international school....hanya sekolah biasa aje.....

Aku masih ingat lagi, time belajar full time dulu, bila cuti semester bermula, maka aku pun mula mengunjungi job agency untuk mencari kerja part time.  Maka, aku pernah lah bekerja part time jadi receptionist, sales secretary, secretary biasa di beberapa syarikat MNC sekitar PJ.  In fact, I could remember there's one incident whereby syarikat nie memang teramat memerlukan receptionist dan sanggup meminta ku sambung bekerja dengan mereka sehingga hari terakhir cuti semester.  Maka for that particular semester, memang aku tak bercuti lah kiranya.  Dengan duit bekerja part time tu ler aku bayar yuran semester yang baru and I'm proud of it.

Ok, back to what I found out today.  Beriya2 lah seseorg nie menepek gambo kat facebook menunjukkan gambo 3 buah motor berkuasa besar......seolah2 semua itu adalah kepunyaannya walhal ketiga2 motor itu adalah kepunyaan bapa nye....Yes, sometimes all we need is recognition and the feeling of acceptance tapi dengan menggayakan harta org lain?? hello......dari buang masa menepek menghabiskan harta benda mak pak tu, ada baiknye pergi cari rezeki yang halal dan tak payah menipu orang lagi......berkat tau rezeki yg dicari dgn hasil tangan dan kuderat sendiri....

Orang yg sama gak pernah bergebang dgn aku dulu, yg bapanya baru membeli dua buah semi D next to each other in KL.....And response aku masa tu ialah, "well, yg berharta tu bapak u....in a way I'm proud coz ada malay mampu beli 2 biji rumah semi D in KL...but personally, I'm least bothered coz itu harta bapak u, not yours.  I'm thankful with what I have now.....ada tempat berlindung, ada kenderaan utk pergi mencari rezeki and that's more than enuf for me.....whatever that I could have after that would be a bonus for me".....

Conclusion nye, tak perlu nak impress aku dgn harta benda yg bukan kepunyaan diri sendiri.  Definitely I'm not a gold digger that uses my charm to make a rich man fall for me.  If I want something, I'll work hard to ensure that I could afford to have it by myself.  And that explains why after 5 years, baru ler terdetik hati aku nk berhijrah daripada menggunakan handphone zaman dinasour kepada handphone terkini.....Bak bait lagu sapa tah "well, you've got a car....that dont impress me much"......

Nota kaki:  Desperate sgt ke sehingga terpaksa tayang benda2 mewah so that ada yg akan jatuh hati??  Kasihan sungguh dengan orang macam ni.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Easy listening for the week

Hati ini bukan milik ku lagi, seribu tahun pun akan ku nanti kan mu....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not so wordless wednesday

Tea for 2, now, what should I prepare??

Should I prepare this.....

or this.......

or both??
or something else?? 

Nota kaki:  Dah lama tak buat tea party......hinggakan terlupa apakah juadah yg aku mahir nak sediakan.....huhuhu

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things that I look for before being in a relationship

Ok, tonite tetiba sampai ler seru utk iolss berciter pasal what I look for in a guy.....

Firstly, dont get me wrong...I can talk and mix with almost all type of people tapi there are certain qualities that I look for in a guy (before I wanna be in a relationship).

Yang pertama-tamanya....saya nie sebenar nye (saya rasa lah kan) seorang yg terlalu matang for my age.  I have few friends that are of the same age with me tetapi saya berani mengatakan mereka pun tak sematang saya.  Please, faham nie yek....matang tak bererti old school or kolot...Matang dari segi cara berfikir, cara membuat keputusan dan the way I look at live.  Based on my experience lah kan, I find it difficult to be in a relationship with a guy in my age group.....kalau mereka tua dari saya setahun dua pun, saya rasa, at the end of the day, I have to distance myself from them sebab saya rasa, saya yg akan byk bimbing mereka nanti....It should be the other way round.  Saya perlu kan bimbingan, bukannya membimbing lelaki...

Bercakap pasal cara berfikir, kadang2 cara saya berfikir tu memang out of the box and most of the time, tak "sajak".....Few times saya perasan perkara ni especially apabila ditegur oleh teman2 rapat saya.  Jadinya, any other ordinary guy around my age group would feel that I'm a threat to them.....coz they should be doing the thinking and not me.   They should take the lead.

And of course, the chemistry must be there.  This is something that we cant force, it comes naturally.  That's why kepada bakal teman rapat saya, be rest assured that insya allah hati saya tak berubah walaupun pada zahirnya saya kelihatan punya ramai kawan lelaki berbanding perempuan.  I have this system whereby kalau saya sudah anggap lelaki itu sebagai kawan saya dari hari pertama saya kenal dia, perkara itu akan register dlm otak saya sampai bila2.  And isteri2 kawan lelaki saya pun kenal dan mesra dgn saya coz mereka tahu saya tidak ada perasaan terhadap suami mereka.....Kalau tak percaya, sila lah interview kawan2 lelaki saya yg mana isteri mereka memang kenal saya.....

And satu lagi, I seek comfort in older guys....why?? Because they are wiser and have more experience than me.  And based on my experience dealing with older guys, I know that we have the same wave length (in terms of thinking) and I could relate to them better... Seriously, saya tak pernah berasa mereka ini lebih berusia kerana we could talk the same lingo and the way we look at live/issues is almost the same.  And I notice that these people are more comfortable liaising/dealing with me compared to my other counterparts...

So what is the conclusion here?  

Saya perlukan seseorang yg lebih berusia/matang daripada saya...yang boleh bimbing saya, yg boleh "control" saya kerana saya tahu, at times, I'm uncontrollable.....and I know guys around my age tak bisa nak control saya....Ada sekali tu, someone that I knew for quite some time pernah berkata "masa lagu nie keluar kat radio, you were not even born yet".  That shows the age gap between both of us....to be more precise, 20 tahun....Dear, I never notice that the age gap between us is that far apart.....The thing is, I feel comfortable and safe with you....though at times bila kita bertemu, kita tak berkata2 apa2 tapi I feel comfortable being beside you, not having a conversation but deep down I am happy to be with you....for me, silence doesnt kill or harm me when we are together....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Busy weeks ahead

Gonna be busy this month end.  Dah terdengar ura2 yg mengatakan I need to travel again....barangan dlm bag hari tu pun tak habis berkemas lagi, nie dah kena pack semula.

When my boss asked me last week, I told him that if possible, schedule the traveling to month end.  Kalo idak, lewat minggu depan dah kena terbang semula.....waduh, penat kena kurung dlm meeting room selama 3 minggu nie pun tak abis lagi, dah kena outstation pulok.....

No, I'm not grumbling......cuma terasa kepenatan sedikit.  Dah ler tadik my sister kata month end nie dia kena pergi outstation gak, so she wants to treat this as a short holiday for all of us.....and as always, aku ler kena drive bawak parents aku......aku ok aje, some more tempat yg nak pergi tu pun mmg aku sukaaaaaa sesgt.

I just need few days to stay at home and relax, I'm not asking too much, am I?

Nota kaki:  Need to complete my work and get all the necessary approval done before thursday next week.  Boss dah bagi green lite for me to cuti on hujung minggu depan.  Need to spend some quality time with my sayang....."wink, wink".....

1st Annual Dinner @ new opis

How should I dress up for the red carpet??

Should I dress up like this???

or like this??


very the syariah non-compliance.....heheheh

Nota kaki:  Should start looking around for fancy dress shop....there's task to be completed, i.e. sewa rambut palsu, shawl etc.....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Year end weddings

Wow, dah bersusun dah program utk next weekend.  There are few wedding invitations for us....semuanya di Shah Alam and menjemput seisi keluarga.  Family friends maaa.....boleh dikatakan kedua2nya adalah our extended family...

Jemputan terbaru telah diterima petang tadi.  This is the one yg bulan 5 hari tu kot kitaorg pg....anak angkat bonda ku.....ore klate....come2 belako deh.....Baru sat tadik mak aku kata yg aku kena attend on her behalf utk wedding anak angkat dia tu....The thing is, I believe they are more interested and looking forward to see my parents and not me...so, kena lar aku drag parents aku. 

The other wedding lak, jiran lama kami.....masa dia bertunang hari tu, kitaorg ada acara lain so tak dpt hadir.  Yg ni lak started early in the morning with khatam quran, to be followed by akad nikah and bersanding.....maybe this one kena balik awal coz got one more wedding kat area rumah kami....

Meriahnyeeee deme nie semua nak kawen.....Aku yg kepala pusing coz 2 hari berturut2 tu tak lepak kat rumah.....well, ada ke baju aku nk pg tgk org kawen nie??  Takkan nk cari yg baru kot??

Baju2 nie semua secondary issue for me.  Tarak hal, bukan depa tau pun kalo aku pakai baju opis kan?  hehehe....sebab aku spesis yg malas nk beli baju baru just utk attend wedding....tudung baru tu, may be lar kot...

Sejujurnya, terharu dan gumbira tgk adik2 aku nie semuanye dah berumahtangga....Tahniah adik2 ku....moga hidup rukun, aman damai dan bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat....

Jangan ditanya bila turn kakak ngkorang nie.....akak senirik pun tak ada jawapan nye tau...itu semua kerja yg kat atas sana tu.....Dia yg menentukan segalanya....

Wonderful Weekend

Absolutely agree with this.
Have a great weekend peeps.....

Friday, November 8, 2013

#Throwback #perasan......muahahaha

Disebabkan tak keluar lunch hari nie kan, and suasana dlm opis yg terlalu senyap coz majoriti dah keluar makan/solat jumaat, terasa nk menengok kembali saat2 indah bersama chenta hati mati (perasan), Mi Baby Nuor Jen.......

Ni thn 2010 kot.......kecoh gak among my circle of frens pasal gambo nie coz apparently ada a few of the photos yg keluar dlm paper and kelihatan aku menyelit....hahahah

 I like this candid shot....

These photos adalah thn 2011 or was it 2012??
Ada lagi 2 photo yg bakal mengundang kontroversi kalo di tepek di sini...maka nye, photo2 tersebut cuma layak menjadi hiasan di screen laptop saya sahaja lar....muahahahaha.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


We blend together and get along very well..........or shall I say, we depend and rely on each other during hard times....we enjoy each other company's during good times...We have gone thru a lot of good, bad and hard times, together we stand......

Hopefully we will remain friends till our last breath.....

Hari sengal sedonia

Tadi I had late lunch....keje byk ler sekarang ni.  Pukul 2 baru terhegeh2 nak turun cari makan kat cafe.  My lunch mate seperti biasa, my staff....org kanan aku ler kiranye.  So far, I'm lucky enuf to have a reliable staff...dia yg byk bantu aku utk memahami kerja aku sekarang and someone can be depended on.

Tiba2 ler pulok terserempak dgn seseorang nie....Of late aku dh perasan, dia dok perati aje aku...lepas tu senyum2 kamben....aku buat biasa aje ler...Masa nk turun lunch tu, kami satu lift.  Tiba2 lak jugak staf aku nie naik isim (dia kata "saka dah masuk"...giler kan) terus aje buat observation kat seseorang nie yg kebetulan berdiri sebelah aku dlm lift.  We went to cafe together2 ler.....aku dgn staff aku, dia dgn staff dia.

Kebetulan pulak, boleh sama lauk yg kitaorg amek....siap dia tanya aku lagi dgn senyum simpul dia (dlm dialect Utara yg agak pekat....spoilll...muka sikit nye marketable...hehehe)..."Ini kari ayam kaaaa"??? Nak tergelak pun ada, tak padan bahasa dgn rupa....aku terus mengiyakan lar....lauk kami hari nie, tempe goreng and kari ayam, boley?? Itu pun lauk saki baki yg ada kat cafe.

I had my lunch together with my staff.....dia duduk dgn staff dia....Dan2 tu gak staff aku ckp "Lynn (panggilan manja aku kat opis baru...wakakkaka), dia nie mcm rimau simpan kuku.  Depan mmg nampak baik, sopan, lembut....pendek kata, pijak semut pun tak mati.  Ko cuma boleh berkawan dgn dia aje lar.....sebab personaliti tak sama....very different.  Kalo ko nk go serious, aku advice jgn....sebab tak seindah yg dia pamerkan...ada ciri2 baran dan ringan tangan wei.  Aku takut ko terkejut badak aje nanti"....boley staff aku berpikir sampai ke situ?? 

Aku just gelak aje lar......tak terpikir pun sampai ke situ.....lagipun opis kami tak sama...and some more, definitely kedudukan dia lebih tinggi dari aku.....department dia pun lagi ramai pompuan yg cun melecun dari aku yg selekeh aje bila pg keje nie (sejak dah tak jadi secretary, terasa malas sikit nak dress up...)

Itu lah selingan cerita utk hari ini......kepala dah naik weng sebab keje bertimbun....dah mula terasa bahangnye.....dah ler last week sepanjang minggu kena berkampung dlm meeting room....this week lak, non stop meeting, at least 2 meeting dlm sehari...by the time balik rumah, kemas2 sikit, terus lena.....

Nota kaki:  I need a break....hopefully I would be able to go some where after CNY next year....

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thinking deep.....

Of late, banyak benda yang bermain di fikiran ku.  Some I hate, some hurt me more than ever.  Ada beberapa perkara yg membuatkan hati ku terguris pedih.....especially after seeing some photos.....I wish I have the power to simply wipe off all those pain.  Kata orang, walaupun luka dah sembuh, parut tetap ada.  Bila penemuan baru muncul, the scar starts to bleed again, and berterusan.  How long more can I sustain and pretend nothing happened??

Maybe I should forget everything that had happened and go far away from here.....If that could be the best for everybody, then be it........

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

I feel so guilty for troubling you.  In short, berbyk maaf kerana menyusahkan you untuk kesekian kalinya.

After receiving your short message, perasaan bersalah tu semakin bertimpa2 dan berganda2. Kita tidak ada apa2 pertalian and yet you are willing to help me to the best you could.  How can I ever repay your kindness??

Then another thought came through my mind....I should stop menyusahkan orang lain... I shouldn't let other people suffer due to my mistakes and carelessness.  Above all, I shouldn't be in contact with you at all because.....(i just can't finish my sentence). 

Terharu dan sebak rasanya sewaktu meluahkan apa yg terbuku di dalam hati pada saat ini.  Only God knows what's in my heart and mind at the moment.  Hanya Tuhan yg tahu pengakhiran cerita kita.....and I always pray that whatever the ending is, it will be the best for both of us......be it positive or negative.....But the thing is, the longer it drags, semakin byk hati yg akan terluka......

Should I stay or should I just let it go?

Mucho gracias for lending me a hand again.  I really appreciate that, dear.  Insya Allah, I'm working out on something and would try to repay your kindness soonest possible.

Nota kaki:  While writing this short posting, one thing I realise is that I miss you terribly.....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Last week was traveling week for me.  I was assigned to visit our outlets in KCH and BKI and find new business opportunities.  It was a very tiring and yet fruitful week.  Managed to conclude 2 new business opportunities and identify new products to be introduced to our outlets.

Kitaorg started dgn KCH dulu since the outlet is quite small, hence we only needed 1 day to be in KCH before heading to BKI.  This was my first trip to KCH, not knowing what to expect.  Tapi the flight was really bumpy.....kecot pewutttt wei.....asyik gegar2 aje plane sepanjang perjalanan.  

The next day we took the first flight out to BKI.  Another rough journey, I could say.  Tak henti2 mulut berzikir sepanjang perjalanan (ditakdirkan pd petang yg sama, sebuah pesawat kecil terhempas di Kudat.  Yes, sepanjang kami di sana, mmg cuacanye hujan lebat dan angin kuat).  Touch down aje terus bergegas buat keje.  In short, mmg sepanjang kitaorg kat dua2 tempat, mmg dipenuhi dgn buat keje aje.  Cuma bisa pg makan malam, itu pun after 7 p.m.

Overall, memang I learnt a lot of new things sepanjang perjalanan kali ini.  Byk aspek2 operasi yg dipelajari yg mana seblm nie mmg aku tak tau pun.  It does enrich my knowledge and experience.

Next trip tak tau bila lagi but I would want to be in KK again.  I'm planning to gang up few of my friends and arrange for our holiday in KK.  Banyak sungguh tempat2 menarik yg tak sempat dilawati lagi.....at least bila pergi bercuti, dpt cover semua tempat2 menarik nie.

Maaf, atas sebab2 yg tidak dpt dielakkan, gambo2 tidak dpt diupload di dlm belog dan juga facebook.

Nota kaki:
 Sayang, bila kita nk pg honeymoon kat KK, at Sutera Harbour to be exact??  Very the romantic tau tempat tu......"wink, wink".

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prepared with love

Sebenarnye memang I cook on regular basis.  Cuma sekarang jarang nak upload coz malas.  So, bila angin rajin tu datang, baru ler boleh berkongsi citer.

Of late sgt2 teringin nak makan roasted chicken.  I dont really fancy those available in the market coz kebanyakannya tidak memenuhi selera ku and often I find that the chicken is very dry and no longer juicy, which a big no no.

So dua hari lepas, selama 2 hari berturut2, aku masak roasted chicken for dinner.  Mmg best bila meratah the chicken and the veg.....cooked up to my standard tastebud.....Depa pun enjoy gak...something for a change.

That reminds me yg dlm fridge ada 3 slices of salmon and some prawns.  Maybe besok nk buat grilled salmon with chives sauce (similar mcm yg available at ikea food court) and prawn cocktail......yummy.....

Half way done....a bit more roasting will do the trick
Our dinner.....maaf, presentation mmg hancus.....hehehe

Rezeki kucing

Ini cerita semalam.  Aku pergi membeli belah di pasar raya peneraju harga rendah **wink, wink**.

Aku tgk harga makanan kucing jenama Friskies tu RM12.99 for 1.5 kg, which is cheap coz tempat lain jual pada harga yg lebih tinggi.  So, aku pun amek satu bag ler utk kucing2 ku.
Sampai aje kat cashier, bila dia scan benda tu, terus harga berubah kepada RM17.29!! Giler kan, banyak beza tu.....kenapa besar sgt variance nye when the price quoted kat shelf tu, harga lain.

Aku pun dah mula buat bising kat cashier.....Dia suh aku pergi ke Customer Service Centre tempat tu utk mendapatkan refund.  Budak tu pun pg check kat rak tu and confirm kan mmg diaorg tak update price lagi.  So dpt ler refund.  And maybe dia tgk aku hangen semacam aje tadikan, dia bg byk free samples......Alhamdullillah...rezeki kucing2 ku.....merasa gak ler kucing2 ku beserta kucing jiran dpn rumah berpesta dgn free samples...

Conclusion is, rajin2 check harga barangan diaorg, mmg akan ada price discrepancy ler...this is the second time benda nie jadik....last week pun camtu gak....pasal tu aku extra alert bila pg beli barang kat situ....

The purchase together with the freebies....banyak kan.....

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In loving memory of.......

Time really flies....diam tak diam dah 4 tahun berlalu.....At times when those memories came flashing back in my mind, I could only sedekahkan al fatihah buat dia....moga dia tenteram dan aman di sana.....

I try not to recall that day.....the day that changed the way things were.....I was there dari mula dia nazak dan pada saat dia menghembuskan nafas terakhir nya pun aku masih berada di sisi dia.....I can still remember how I drove him all the way to the hospital, with oxygen tube attached to his nose....how he was at that time.....struggling to breathe.....

I can still remember how the doctor told me that he had passed on.....my whole world came crumbling down.....he's gone just before subuh prayer, on a friday morning.....I could still recall how he was taken to the mortuary, to be cleaned and "kafan".....I was in tears.....but at that point of time, I could still think straight....I informed all his siblings, cousins.  We had discussed before that should anything happen to him, we agreed to entrust one of his closest cousins to be in charged for his funeral.....alhamdulillah, he had his wish granted.....

He did mention that if he could have his way, he wanted to go peacefully, no suffering (hospitalised) not for a long time, and to be buried next to his father in his hometown...Somehow I could say that Allah granted all his wishes....He got what he wanted......Died on a friday, not suffering for long time, buried next to his father and his cousin was in charged for his funeral.....

 If I were to write in details, I could burst out crying again.....On this exact day, I would want to remember you for who you were, how things were and all those good memories of you....

Farewell dear.....may you rest in peace.....
Al fatihah, moga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas kamu dan ditempatkan kamu dikalangan mereka yg beriman.....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thanks but no thanks

Been quiet lately, firstly memang tengah busy......berkali2 keluar masuk meeting pasal budget 2014......then with the on-going projects yg sepatutnye kick off next year....appointments one after another jumpa potential vendors.....there's even one day yg aku kena attend 3 meetings in a day.....division meeting, then pg jumpa airline utk conclude agreement and petang tu, meeting dgn vendor.....mak aii.....I wonder how I can manage myself to be in 3 different meetings in one day.....heheheh.

Somewhere last 2 weeks, received a call from seseorg.....the offer was very tempting....and for someone yang very junior mcm aku, I feel so honoured that ada yg nampak kebolehan aku buat keje, ada kepercayaan pada capability aku utk perform in a much higher and challenging position.....it took me about one week to think about it.... my sayang kata ask my heart, what I really wanna do....I must learn to make decision and at the same time, while letting them know my decision, I must try not to offend anybody....

Bila discuss dgn my immediate superior, he wasnt really keen to talk about it....from what I gather dari those yg ada dlm meeting tu masa this message was conveyed, he is not ready to release me.....in a way, I'm glad I could not make it to the meeting because of the massive traffic jam pada hari itu....if only I'm in the meeting and being asked this question in front of everybody, mau nyer aku panik.....

And because of this offer juga, dah mula kedengaran suara2 sumbang di office, yelar, not even one year dah dioffer sebegini rupa.....and those yg affected tu, mula dah tarik muka bila berselisih dgn aku.....I cant forget ada yg menyindir begini "yelah, org tu dpt keje kat sini sebab pakai cable broadband, semua org dia kenal, chairman pun dia blh call direct aje.....kita nie siapa".  Sungguh terkilan coz at that point of time, I have not made any decision......

Finally, hari Jumaat minggu lepas, seblm keluar pg meeting dgn airline, aku pg mengadap tuan punya badan yg meng"offer" tu...not the org tengah yg call aku tu.  I expressed my gratitude atas kepercayaan dia pada aku....and finally, I said the magic sentence "thank you for the offer, i'm so touched coz you could see the potentials in me.....thank you once again but regret I have to politely decline your offer coz I believe I'm still new here, tak sampai setahun pun lagi".....He accepted my decision although nampak kekecewaan pada wajah dia.....and I know, dia masih berharap coz dia ada kata "well anyway, the position is still open"......hmmm......

Then monday hari tu, org tgh yg call aku dtg jumpa aku utk bertanyakan keputusan.....I told him the same script......beria2 dia cuba brainwash aku to accept the offer......org tgh tu kata, kalau aku terima offer nie, "jalan" dah mudah utk aku.....since aku decline, dia kata, susah sikit ler for the org yg mengoffer....but it does not mean that benda tu settle mcm nie....if dia source around and tak dpt pengganti.....he will write officially to the relevant party to release me.....haduh.......itu kemudian citer....as at now, I'm comfortable with my job... this is my interest and passion....let me grow and groom myself with the function first.....

At the same time jugak........ada yg dah mula memujuk agar aku kembali ke pangkuan tempat lama......

Please try to understand, aku comfortable with what I'm doing now.....I get to meet a lot of new people, get to understand how to start off the business....macam2 perkara baru yg mana aku memang suka sangat.....who knows the experience that I have gained here might be useful for me should I want to get a franchise in the future....**wink, wink**

Nota kaki:  Citer pasal franchise, tetiba terasa nak makan subway sandwich lak....hehehe.  Oh ya, kena call the master franchisor next week to get the latest update.....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crazy For You

Swaying room as the music starts
Strangers making the most of the dark
Two by two their bodies become one
I see you through the smoky air
Can't you feel the weight of my stare
You're so close but still a world away
What I'm dying to say, is that

I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you

Trying hard to control my heart
I walk over to where you are
Eye to eye we need no words at all
Slowly now we begin to move
Every breath I'm deeper into you
Soon we two are standing still in time
If you read my mind, you'll see

I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
You'll feel it in my kiss

Because, I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you
Crazy for you, crazy for you

It's all brand new, I'm crazy for you
And you know it's true, I'm crazy, crazy for you
It's all brand new, I'm crazy for you
And you know it's true, yeah, I'm crazy for you
Crazy for you, baby

Friday, August 23, 2013

Serupa tapi tak sama

To whom it may concern

Dont you realise that you do look a bit like Ari Wibowo?  Now I know why I really suka Ari Wibowo coz he looks a bit like you.  


Ok, ini memang fanatik tahap hardcore wokeh.  Saw this (pic below) while beraya hari tu.  Bedsheet set dgn design candy crush saga, ko hada?? aku pun tak ada tau....ekekekek.  Mesti pemilik nie dah sampai level 300++ gara2 dapat ilham dalam mimpi mcm mana nak naik next level dgn jayanye.....hahahah


Suasana di Hari Raya (kedua).....hehehehe

Ini cerita di Hari Raya ke 2.  We decided to go back to Furong (Seremban) utk beraya bersama sanak saudara sebelah my dad.  Perjalanan dimulakan sesudah solat jumaat although kedua orang tua ku udah memulakan perjalanan seawal 10 pagi.  TV dok bagi update kata highway sesak dgn kereta so we all decided to go through jalan dalam, melalui Kg. Jijan and keluar kat Seremban 2.  No toll, no jam2 bagai.....

Sampai aje kat Seremban, we headed to Paroi Jaya coz earlier, we all dah buat booking homestay.  Since travelling in large group, kami tak mau menyusahkan sesiapa and decided that it is best if we book homestay.  Semua akan bermalam under one roof at the comfort of a house.

Tuan empunya homestay dah lama menunggu coz dia pun nak berjalan beraya.  So, terus dia guide pg homestay.  Ada kejadian masa tu, dalam kekalutan meninjau homestay dan bersembang, tuan empunya homestay secara tak sengaja tak tinggalkan kunci rumah utk kitaorg.  Sudahnye, masa kitaorg nak keluar, kecoh cari kunci rumah bagai then decided to call the owner.  Memang sah dia pun terlupa nak tinggalkan kunci.....tak pe, kami faham sebab kan ke Hari Raya?  Small matter, no hal lah.

So, kitaorg pun memulakan ziarah ke rumah sanak saudara coz org tua ku dah naik hangen sebab kitaorg tak sampai lagi.   Ada ler insiden yg mana ada aje yg tak puas hati bagai, for me, it's pretty simple.....tak suka, no hal.  Lain kali, kitaorg tetap akan buat outing and bermalam kat mana2 homestay but we will make plans without yg kaki komplen ler.  Jangan nak salahkan aku sebab tak update coz aku tak kuasa nak deal dgn org yg budget bagus dan hebat.  I can still proceed with my holidays without you, wokeh!

Homestay nie terletak kat Taman PJ Perdana, belakang Taman Paroi Jaya.  Rumah corner lot single storey, 3 bilik tido (fully aircond) and 2 bilik air.  One thing I notice, my dad was really happy with the house.  Dia suka tau, bukan senang nak buat dia setuju dgn idea kitaorg nie and buat dia suka tempat tu.

Maka sila lar cuci mata layan gambo yek.  Nanti aku upload details tuan empunya rumah nie.  Next time round bila nak bermalam di Seremban, I'll try to book apartment homestay kat Tengku Man's homestay (ada private swimming pool sebelah rumah wokeh!!) and Spanish Villa pulak....heheheheh

 The homestay dari pandangantepi

 ruang tamu and ruang makan

 Master bedroom

 2nd bedroom

 3rd bedroom

 The kitchen

 Kakak terpesona dgn langsir jurai2 nie....tu yg dia posing kat situ.  Tgk si kecik kat belakang....dia dok mengira panjang rumah sampai ke malam....heheheheh

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to life, back to reality......sigh!

Ya Tuhan.....I've been very busy ever since last week, lepas cuti raya.  Masuk opis hari Selasa.....then sedar2 dah hari Jumaat.....weekend aje, ada ler sedara mara yang datang berkunjung, yelah masih lagi dlm mood beraya (unfortunately I'm not in the mood) and as always, I got stuck in the kitchen.....Yelah, my mom dah tak larat nak berdiri lama2 utk memasak.....terpaksa ler take the lead.

Ditambah pulak dgn buat board paper.....goodness, ke"busy"an berganda2.....bila dah submit......baru blh bernapas sikit....but still, macam hari nie, aku join sorang staff nie pergi buat market survey, nak tgk concept and costing mangkuk tingkat.....sourcing for pinggan petak.....so, kami pun ended up kat Nilai 3....boley???? dasaton kan....muahahahah.

Nanti ler, kalo sempat malam nie aku upload pic yg sempat aku snap masa pg sourcing barang tadi.......kedai jual pinggan mangkuk wokeehhh, aku hada, korunk hada ke?? sempat lagi masuk ke KK Home Decomart, tgk pricing diaorg for the mangkuk tingkat and pinggan petak.......

Besok pagi ada weekly meeting, then sambung buat slide presentations for the board meeting next week....I think I want to take day off next week although some people are too busy with raya and gathering thingy hinggakan tak punya waktu nak dating dgn aku.  Aku still punya Plan B, I've booked a slot for "sessi memanjakan diri".....yess, massage time next Friday.......

Not forgetting, tadik masa on the way to Nilai 3, "pakcik" yg terlalu concern pasal aku tu called.  Dia kata this weekend dia tak free nak sembang2 minum teh dgn aku, next weekend might be ok....of course lar dia interested coz nak dgr latest gossip.....betul2 menepati slogan ler pakcik nie, "paparazzi".....muahahhahah...

Bila stress dgn keje kat opis, mari kita pg window shopping barangan dapur...hehehe
Macam2 ada....best kan??

Nota kaki:  feeling a bit slighted with the latest development.....too mushy2 and too bragging.....it's no longer "awww, sweet nye" wokeh!!  How I wish I could make the OKT listen to this song "Mati lah kau"!!!!