Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A year short of being in the 4 series is the day.....I'm blessed coz being surrounded by the people that care about me, i.e. Godfather, Mamasan, Pinkies, housemates and fellow colleagues....though someone already agreed a month ago to spend the day with me...then....tup2, anta wa msg kul 8 pagi and telling me all the stories....To whom it may concern, thanks a lot for making plans and not being able to keep to your promise!! Thanks for your attempt to spoil my know what, my life doesnt not lingers around I told you before, ada yg mcm tak de, tak de yg mmg mcm tak!!!  

As for the rest.....thanks for your wishes......and being around me on my day.....sayang korang semua saploh menet......muahhhhsss!!