Saturday, December 28, 2013

Simple dishes that I love to prepare

I always enjoy my chit chat session with my lunch mate....We could talk about anything, politic, religion, beliefs and our most favourite topic would be food/cooking.

During one of our chit chat session, we discussed our favourite topic.  Then I told her that I love to cook stir fried "yaw mak tam" and "taw miew".  Her eyes suddenly went like, "what??  do you know that those veggies are expensive".  Which I replied "yes...abt RMI0 per kg"....tapi dah mmg itu sayur yg aku suka....gagahkan jugak ler membeli....
My lunch mate kat I got expensive taste....what to do lor....

She briefly told me some natural remedies to control sugar level, buang angin etc....of which I am more than willing to try it later.  I also told her that I love to cook "ham choy thong", salted veg soup in english.  She was so surprised coz majority of her malay friends tak tau pun pasal masakan cina.  I told her that I like my ham choy thong to have soft taufu and lots of thinly sliced young ginger in it.....terasa nyaman aje badan selepas minum soup tu....

Besides yaw mak tam and taw miew, ada satu lagi sayur yg aku suka sgt and it is getting expensive by the day, brussels sprouts.....normally I would blanched the brussels sprouts in boiling water for few minutes, and then gaul dgn butter.....makan mcm tu aje.....sedaps nye tak terperi....Masa zaman aku crave like hell for brussels sprouts, one small pack only cost me around RM7.00, now, around belas2 hengget gak lah kan.....tapi kalo dah teringin sgt, mmg aku beli and makan sorang2 ler....heheheh.

In short, I like simple and easy to cook dishes.....masakan yg menggunakan santan2 tu mmg aku boleh masak but to makan, aku jarang ler.  For me, kalo tahap kemalasan dah melanda, a simple telur dadar with hot rice and kicap cili pun dah ok....cukup menyelerakan....

I am still searching the "kai pau" recipe, sejibik mcm yg dijual oleh restoran cina.  Those days masa zaman jahiliyah, mmg aku beli aje....sebab inti pau itu adalah solid ketulan daging ayam yg di stir fried bersama kicap, sos and sengkuang and topped up with sebiji telur rebus....cukup mengenyangkan.....Selain dari kai pau, I am trying to buat sendiri "loh mai kai"....pulut kicap yg dikukus bersama daging ayam and cendawan kering...Not to be forgotten the steamed yam cake.....walla wei....memang membuka selera......

Just by writing this posting, mulut aku dah terliur.....harusss lah masuk dapur pada kadar segera nie.....hehehhe

Yam Mak Tam

 Taw Miew

 Kai Pao looks a bit like this

 Ham Choy Thong with lots of soft taufu....yummy

Loh Mai Kai.. 

** Semua gambo adalah ihsan pakcik to the photo owners

Nota kaki:  I love simple food....especially chinese food.....I think maybe ada kena mengena kot dgn arwah moyang aku (sebelah mak), dgr citer nye dia adalah anak cina yg diserahkan kpd keluarga melayu utk dijaga.....really?? And at times I find that chinese guys are attractive and interesting....It runs in blood, I guess....hehehehehe

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