Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Year Resolution

New year is just around the corner.  Yes, I know I'm the type yang tak suka nak buat new year's resolution.....but this time round, I would want to give it a try.

I think below are the aspects/areas I would like to make improvement:

- To be a more dedicated muslim....To improve my iman for the better;
- To lessen procrastination in all aspects of my life;
- To love myself first before anybody/anything else.  I wouldn't want to be taken for granted anymore;
- To complete and pass my study with flying colours.  My first class would start on 28 and 29 January 20I4 so that I would be certified as "Certified Fraud Examiner";
- To go on short holiday, be it domestic or international....thinking of going as "backpackers";
- To be more dedicated in my work coz what I'm doing now is my passion;
- Lesser drama and sinetron in my life;
- To be financially stable and independent.....insya allah......(working out on something and hope to get a positive result as time goes by)....
 - To find someone whom I can proudly and officially call as "My Sayang".

Apa lagi yek....I think that's all for now.....nanti kalo teringat, the list will be updated accordingly.

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