Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ambang Tahun Baru

Today I was in the office.  Office lengang, ramai yg bercuti.  Boss pun tak dak, cuti gak.  Aku terpaksa masuk opis ini hari kerana nak submit tender, due date nye hari ini.  So, nak tak nak terpaksa lar batalkan niat nak bercuti tu.

By pukul sepuluh lebih, tender submitted, next, keeping our fingers crossed about it.  Seriously, I would want the company that I worked for be awarded with the tender.  I want it to be our "test" outlet by operating it like any other F&B operator.  No SAP, no saji gourmet etc system.

Lepas submit tender, I did some final touch up for the new project in LBU.  Kira costing CAPEX bagai.....should be ok as I have forwarded it to my boss, let him decides and amend, if need be.

Lepas touch up new project, aku pn baca final review of the board paper, ada one of my colleagues mintak tolong.  Amended their version and forwarded it to them.  Biar ler mereka follow up with the next procedure.

Overall, I believe the outstanding/pending tasks have been settled.  Now have to start working on the P&L for the new project seblm boss tanya.  Tak pe, itu semua small matter, di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan.

Kiranya aku bekerja dgn tekun hingga petang ler before I left slightly earlier coz ada perkara yg perlu disettlekan.  Aku tgk opis pn selepas lunch makin lengang......ramai rupanye dah main ular2 lebih awal dari aku.

Anyway, wishing uols a very happy new year......keep up the good work, let's strive for a better year and earn heaps of $$ and bonus.....heheheh

Nota kaki:  Motif sungguhkan tiba2 dia volunteer nak datang umah aku semata2 nak collect access card.  Rather than u come to my house, I would meet you somewhere so that you could have your access card.  Tak payah susah2 nak ke rumah aku.....lain mcm aje modus operandi dia kali nie.....

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