Friday, October 25, 2013

Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

I feel so guilty for troubling you.  In short, berbyk maaf kerana menyusahkan you untuk kesekian kalinya.

After receiving your short message, perasaan bersalah tu semakin bertimpa2 dan berganda2. Kita tidak ada apa2 pertalian and yet you are willing to help me to the best you could.  How can I ever repay your kindness??

Then another thought came through my mind....I should stop menyusahkan orang lain... I shouldn't let other people suffer due to my mistakes and carelessness.  Above all, I shouldn't be in contact with you at all because.....(i just can't finish my sentence). 

Terharu dan sebak rasanya sewaktu meluahkan apa yg terbuku di dalam hati pada saat ini.  Only God knows what's in my heart and mind at the moment.  Hanya Tuhan yg tahu pengakhiran cerita kita.....and I always pray that whatever the ending is, it will be the best for both of it positive or negative.....But the thing is, the longer it drags, semakin byk hati yg akan terluka......

Should I stay or should I just let it go?

Mucho gracias for lending me a hand again.  I really appreciate that, dear.  Insya Allah, I'm working out on something and would try to repay your kindness soonest possible.

Nota kaki:  While writing this short posting, one thing I realise is that I miss you terribly.....

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