Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prepared with love

Sebenarnye memang I cook on regular basis.  Cuma sekarang jarang nak upload coz malas.  So, bila angin rajin tu datang, baru ler boleh berkongsi citer.

Of late sgt2 teringin nak makan roasted chicken.  I dont really fancy those available in the market coz kebanyakannya tidak memenuhi selera ku and often I find that the chicken is very dry and no longer juicy, which a big no no.

So dua hari lepas, selama 2 hari berturut2, aku masak roasted chicken for dinner.  Mmg best bila meratah the chicken and the veg.....cooked up to my standard tastebud.....Depa pun enjoy gak...something for a change.

That reminds me yg dlm fridge ada 3 slices of salmon and some prawns.  Maybe besok nk buat grilled salmon with chives sauce (similar mcm yg available at ikea food court) and prawn cocktail......yummy.....

Half way done....a bit more roasting will do the trick
Our dinner.....maaf, presentation mmg hancus.....hehehe

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