Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#Throwback 20I3

This same day, last year was the turning point for me.  On this very day last year, I received a letter that changed my career path.  I could still remember clearly the incident, the letter was sent to me at 3:00 p.m. informing me to report duty at my current office on I5th January 20I3.  I could still remember how I feel at that point of time, happy, relieved and anxious.......

My former boss got to know about this only on 2 January 20I3....and that left her with less than 2 weeks to look for my replacement.......

At first, I was struggling like hell, trying to learn new ropes and ways of doing things.  Slowly but steadily, I pick up whatever that I need to do.....in short, Fundamental in Business Development.  At the same time, I have to brush up my skills and knowledge in Finance, preparing P&L, estimation, CAPEX and sensitivity reports for new projects.  At least I have some understanding and knowledge in finance, I could understand and carry out my work with little hiccups....

Now, I have been in my current position for just over one year.....I took the challenge and tried to do my very best in all tasks that were given to me.  I am still at the learning curve as there are a lot more that I have not known.  What I know is this job is my passion....I've been wanting to do something totally different for years.

For year 20I4, I feel honoured because I'm among the I0 staff that was selected to enroll in professional course and hopefully by 3rd quarter next year, I would graduate as "Certified Fraud Examiner".  I guess I'm really lucky to be able to learn more new things as time goes by.

Be as it may, currently I enjoy doing whatever I'm doing and hope I would have the passion for years to come.  It came to my knowledge that there's other party who is keen and interested to have me in their division.  Without fail, they have been asking my superior to release me, to the extent of promoting me to a higher position.  I am thankful that my superior understands my needs/passion and declines their request politely.

There's bigger challenges next year and I do hope that I would be able to strive to give my very best in everything I do.

Nota kaki:  Where on earth would get a job that pays you to eat, a.k.a. food tasting at various dining places?? heheheh

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