Monday, February 7, 2011

Confusion is nothing new (1)

I'm still in a daze and rather confused.  Somebody whom I know called up this afternoon and I did ask an innocent question, which is quite direct with regards to the latest news that have been spreading around.  Until know I could still remember his response "Well, Linda....I can't really comment much on this matter, the truth will prevail soon and the dramas will be unfolded, you will know.  I'm surprise coz the rest didn't even bother to find out and you are the only one who really ask me the reasons why. I know you are an honest person and you asked cause you LOVE"....I was going like....."hello, did I say anything wrong??? did I say that???"

I was really stunned......I never say I like him neither did I confess I love him!! Now I'm getting more confuse, did I give him the wrong signs all these while?????

I could be really nice and polite if I want to and part of my job is to look after their interests and well being....So, back to the question, did I lead him on??? Tak terlintas di hati nak feeling2 bagai dgn dia lar.....Like I said before, I speak my mind.....tak de tapis2 most of the time.  Come to think of it, sebelum2 nie pun dia ada tanya soalan2 yg agak personal which for me, as long as bukan soklan berbau seksual, aku akan jawab and most of the time, the questions asked caught me off guard.  Soklan2 peberet dia ialah "Tell me Linda, what did you do last weekend. Oh, you mean you spent your weekend at home, didn't go out?? You cooked and cleaned your home??"  Kenapalah aku nie lurus bendul sangat jawab soklan dia tu sejujurnya.....

Hmmmm........I'm thinking hard now, apa maksud dia ckp mcm tu??  And kenapa dia interested sgt nk tau pasal aku......Baru sekarang aku perasan.......hmmmm....sungguh buta dan lurus bendulnya aku nie....

Nota kaki:  Now baru notice, insiden dia ikut my car masa lunch time.....persoklan dia pasal his gray hair which I suggested him to dye his hair (honest opinion, no pun intended) and the very next day, dia dtg tunjuk muka dia depan aku dgn rambut baru.......oh noooooo......I'm in trouble!!!!

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