Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Planning for a quick getaway

Hmmmm........there's a lot of choices but to find one that suits our requirement is a bit difficult.  Lagi tgh check semua airlines for the best deal, in terms of pricing and time of travel.  Definitely Air Asia is out of question, flight malam, sampai sana pun dah malam jugak, rugi satu hari macam tu.  And the return flight pulak, subuh sapie.....waduh, capek gue nanti.....(aittt, emangnya ngomong bahasa Indo ya....hahahha)

Hopefully we will find one that meets our requirement....I love to fly with KLM, comfortable and feeling mcm dutch lak.....muahahahahha

4 days 3 nights in foreign land, once again....and I could only describe the place as "love as first sight".  I love everything about that place....the people, the atmosphere.......

Keeping my fingers crossed, hope to be there next month......

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