Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's not easy being me

It's not easy being me.  People can say whatever they like, but if given chance to be in my shoes, would they be able to say the same?  It's easy to criticise and create rumours/gossips about other people but once the same hit them right on their face, would they be able to be as cool as I am now?

A lot of bad things have been spreading around, lies after lies about me, and yet I pretend that it does not bother or haunt me.  Yes, I am a normal human being and of course, my immediate response would be angry.  After a while, when I rationalise things out, I feel pity and sorry for the person who started the gossip, she must have led a lonely life, as she doesnt have anyone whom she could share her inner thoughts and feelings that she finds it is a must for her to vent out her anger and frusturation by creating stories about other people.  All the negative and bad things that had happened to her, she must find an escape goat, putting the blame on everyone around her.  Her marriage failure (bear in mind she was the one who initiated divorce as she has other "preferences"), not being able to get divorce as it is taking such a long time,  and yet she still blames me......accussing me of having an affair with her husband (in her attempt to divert the real issue behind the divorce).  She has been spreading this story all over, and no wonder all her friends gave me one kind of look.

And I tend to wonder, if she is innocent and a victim as what she potrays in order to get sympathy from others, why must she run away  and avoided me at all cost, whenever we bump into each other?? Why is she so afraid of confronting me?  I have nothing to hide, because I know all her accussations are baseless. 

See, like what I have mentioned before, she just needs somebody to be blamed to and at the same time she tries to hide the fact that she herself initiated the divorce when there is no solid reasons or grounds for her to do so.  The only reason as to why she wanted a divorce so badly is that she believes she is deeply in love with someone whom she thought, that particular person feels the same way like she did.  How shall I put it in a subtle way, someone of her own gender.  Tell me, if you are normal like what you claimed to be, would you dedicate a soppy love song to another woman???  Would you be daring (and stupid enough) to say that you dreamt of that woman and that woman is half naked??? Are you sick or what???

My conclusion is, this woman is psycho.  She has a mental problem that seriously needs immediate treatment.  She always thinks that she is in the right and others are wrong.  She feels it is right for her to fall in love with another woman, to have dreams and hopes that she will spend the rest of her life with the other woman.  And based on my understanding, she will destroy whatever and whoever who tries to stop her from turning her fantasies into realities, not even her husband could stop her from doing so.

Woman, you are seriously sick!!! Better go and get yourself admitted before it's too late.  Those who supported you with your decision is actually having vested interest in it, which I do not want to elaborate further. 

As for all your accussations about me, for as long as I could remember, I have forgiven you, cause I know you are actually mentally unstable. 

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