Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post Durian Party Report

Ok, this is the Post Durian Party Report, the party was organised today.  All invitees a.k.a. durian hantus/addict turned up for the party.  As the first invitee to arrive at the crime scene, I had the opportunity to choose which stall should all of us have the feast.  The first stall that attracted us to stop by apparently didnt have the buffet today....Well, of course they wont coz today is a Sunday.  Rugi besar buat buffet sebab ramai org keluar carik durian.

Lokasi kejadian adalah terletak tidak jauh dari gerai ini

Sempat ber"camwhoring" sementara menunggu 2nd and 3rd invitees.....Kita pose bersama doyan dulu yek...hehehehe

So, we stopped at one stall that is located at the corner of the road.  The name of the stall is Durian SS2.  Siap ada website lagi, tak tau ler kalo2 memang ada or maybe it could be a gimmick.  Their website is  Try ler tengok and check.

When we started off, my sister, her husband and I opted for the buffet offer, RM20 per head.  Ok lah coz depa bagi durian kampung, which is to my liking for its unique taste.  Ada lar dalam 4 biji durian yang sederhana besar pekerja2 itu kopekkan untuk kami.  We started off first coz 2nd invitees masih tersangkut di Subway Sandwich and the 3rd invitees masih berpusing2 carik jalan.....hehehe.

Our durian feast....

When the 2nd invitees arrived with his family, terus dah tak de dah offer RM20 per head tu.  Well, I guess maybe masa tu stall dah penuh dengan orang dan rugi ler depa jual pada harga tu.  We still managed to share some of our durians with the 2nd invitees.

Tak lama lepas tu, the 3rd invitees arrived, selepas berpusing2 sesat barat mencari lokasi kejadian....hehehe.  3rd invitees pun started to enjoy the feast.  Sambil makan2, sambil sembang2 dan was an enjoyable outing....

Guys, we should do this more often, sambil tukar2 cerita, kita lepak2, just like the good old days......Teringat zaman2 masa kat Butterworth dulu.....hehehe

Maka, sila lar enjoy pics kat bawah nie yek......

Maybe the durian is soo delicious, pasal tu Jimmy siap menjilat jari...hehehe
Umi and Jimmy are the invitees for the durian feast.....

Hantu durian a.k.a. durian addicts had a great time today.  Sambil sembang2, sambil makan2 doyan....

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