Saturday, April 30, 2011

A long weekend is all i need

Finally, the long weekend is here.  After 2 weeks of working under pressure, I am really looking forward for this.  Initially, I planned to be away during this period but somehow, it has to be put on hold, for the time being.  Still trying to find a suitable slot to be away in foreign land.

Well, I was under the weather on Monday, in fact I'm still having blocked nose and dry cough at the moment.  Guess the weather has been unkind to me.  Though not well, work still proceed.  In deed, I'm glad that the AGM went well, despite minor hiccups coz I always believe, man plans, God decides.

I did plan to have a "girls' nite" on Friday but it also has to be postponed.  Reason being, I was still in the office till 6 p.m. today, clearing up my work and Umi was still stuck with her work in the bank.  So, we decided to give it a go for tonite and to proceed with "Jalan2 Cari Makan" session tomorrow afternoon.  Been hearing about this famous nasi padang in Kg Baru, would love to try it.  And maybe, would be able to do a review on the outlet.

Besides we were stuck with our office work, the main reason as to why the outing was put on hold is because I'm feeling really tired and the operation scar (I had to go for minor op last year) is giving me problem.  It is really painful this morning, I guess it could have caused by long hours standing and walking around (with high heels) during the whole day meeting on Thursday.  So, I better rest before it gets worse.  As I am writing now, it is not as painful as in the morning.  Maybe I need to lie down for few hours and the muscle/tendon (whatever the name is) could relax and less tense.

There are few plans that have been lined up for me but I really need to be selective this time round.  At my current stage, I just need a really good pampering session for myself......soothing body massage, a good story book that I could read and also a really nice (wet) and kind weather.  I'm not really looking forward to be out and about during this long weekend.

And basically, I just need some "me" time, to do whatever I wanna do without any disturbance.....Have a pleasant weekend peeps, I know mine would be great!!

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