Friday, February 17, 2012

Me, myself and I

The initial reason as to why I begin to blog is that I would like to share/pen down my thoughts, feelings (at that point of time) and what I'm going through after losing someone whom I love and care.  Then I begin to realise that it is not as easy as it seems to be.  There's a lot of posting/entry that are still in archive, yet to be published as I find it difficult to express and share my feelings and thoughts openly.  That's why for year 2009, there are only 2 entries/posting.

I then begin to realise that it is easier to write about things that excite me and I enjoy the most.  This is when my blog begin to take shape as a journal as I start to jot down my daily routine, travelling, food expedition etc.  No doubt there are entries that might sounds a bit emotional, yet that is normal as part and parcel of life.

Looking back, it has almost been 3 years since I started blogging.  And maybe, you would notice that I do not really write/share my personal and private stories and photos of the person whom I'm seeing now.  I would like to keep it that way as I believe, as bloggers, we do need some personal space for ourselves.  And again, I find it difficult to share stories/photos of my private life openly in public.  The same goes to my Facebook, it is filled with stories of my daily activities/routine and photos of me and my family/friends and buddies.  Names mentioned often in my blog are those who are in my inner circle of friends, whom I would say, I trust them with my personal life (to certain extent).

And for the stalkers (do I have one?  :-P) who are trying to find out more about my personal life, I would suggest that you post your questions (should there be any) in the "comment" space provided and I would answer all your queries happily.

P/S:  This entry is the being posted as a result of what is happening to my Facebook account now.  Out of nowhere, my FB account is suddenly flooded with Friend Request from girls in early 20s, trying to get connected to my FB.  Ironically, all of them are using japanese girls' photos as their profile pic, and do not have any photos of their own....Curiousity kills the cat.........

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