Friday, June 17, 2011

Jom Durian IV

Aku terbaca pasal benda nie di NST paper 2 hari lepas and I thought of sharing it here with the rest.  Please be rest assured that I am not paid to promote event nie, but in the spirit of charity, I am willing to let you guys know about this.

There will be a charity durian makan2 event pada 3 July kat Subang Parade.  Tiket per pax is RM20 and you can eat the durian (I think as much as you can) within the one hour's time.  The proceed from this event will be channeled to the Children's Wish Society of Malaysia, a national charity dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children stricken witth terminal or life limiting diseases.

Below is the newspaper cutting of the said event and should you have further queries, please contact Subang Parade Info Counter at tel. no. 03-5032 9778.

Maka, marilah kita beramai-ramai menderma sambil menjamu selera.

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