Thursday, July 14, 2011

The usual bebel-bebelan

Hmmm......God works in mysterious way.  Alhamdulillah, the truth finally prevail. Although I had suffered and being the centre of gossip and false accusations for quite some time, finally my day has come.  Yes, I know the OKT peberet will try to twist and turn the story but I just want her to feel this deep down in her heart that all her accusations for the past few years are mainly her doing, just because she wanted her way out and at the same time, damaging other people's name and reputation.

From what I gathered, now she is really upset with the news.....what you give, you get back larrr!!  And people around her tend to look at her in different way, yes, the same group of people who supported you before.  You finally show them your true colours and they begin to realise the truth.  If you feel lonely and isolated now, let me tell you something, that was the same feeling I got when you spread nasty rumours about me.  Karma babe, karma!!

Damage has been done, people who used to be close to you has finally decided to move on with their life, and definitely without you....or shall I say, leaving you behind.  Definitely you do feel something deep down in your heart, right?  Boy, you have lost the most wonderful, faithful and patience person that I have ever known.  With all your wrong doings, at some point of time, they still hope that you will change and turn over a new leaf.....and yet you took advantage of other people's tolerance, kindness and patience. 

Now you are all alone....who do you turn to?? You have lost some good friends along the way, those who can accept you the way you are......

As for that person who was badly hurt by you, I wish you all the best in your new life.  Take care of that woman with all your heart, she deserves your love more than any other person that you have known.

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