Sunday, July 17, 2011

Delayed Posting: Jalan2 Cari Makan: Bandar Baru Nilai & SSTwo Mall, Petaling Jaya

This is the delayed posting on the Jalan2 Cari Makan expedition last week.  Malas nak citer banyak2, so, sila lah enjoy the following pics.

1.  Bangi Kopitiam, Bandar Baru Nilai.

Expedition kali nie berlaku pada hari Jumaat, as always with the usual suspects.  Firstly, we went to one restaurant, thinking that they would serve bubur nasi ala kg. baru style, during lunch time.  Too bad, tak lar pulok and we tried the nasi campur offered there.  Somehow, it was not to our liking.  Hence, we decided to go for another food rounding at kopitiam nearby, we ended up at Bangi Kopitiam lar.....

Fried wantan and toasted bread with butter & kaya

Toasted bread with half boiled eggs....yummy!!

Durian ABC

Overall, it was an OK outlet.  Will try other food in the near future.

2.  SSTwo Mall, Petaling Jaya.

Niat sebenar lepak di sini adalah nak pergi clearance sale.  Somehow, I like the deco style kat sini, very the "zen" style.  Lots of sunlight, airy and lots of open space.  Kind of cooling and relaxing to walk around this Mall.  We ended up at Belanga Restaurant.  

Very spacious and with direct sunlight.

Water feature at the indirectly gives the cooling effect

Sirap bandung yg creamy.....sedapsss!!

Set pulut kuning yang memang menyelerakan.  The pulut is cooked up to perfection and according to my liking.

Overall, the food available there is sedap.  Tapi sayang, I saw Nasi Tumpang in the menu tapi on that particular day, dah habis lar pulok.  They did give me suggestion to call first and reserve the Nasi Tumpang.  Ok, will do that in the future.

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