Saturday, September 15, 2012

Me, Myself and I

People tend to think I'm a stable and strong person, that could be due to the way I carry myself and how I handle my life.  I hardly share pieces of my personal stories/problem with anyone, no one could really tell what's in my mind at any given time.

I learnt to keep almost everything to myself after the demise of someone really close to me.  Before this, no matter how small or big my worry was, I would be able to share with him, though most of the time, he would remain quiet, never interfere nor giving any suggestion, he was my shoulder to cry on, my ears when I needed someone. 

After he's gone, I have no where to turn to, that's when I started to keep everything to myself, thinking real hard and I seek comfort in God.  When I'm really down or stressed out, I would spend more time praying, seeking His blessing and asking Him to guide and show me the most rightful way to overcome my worries.

Now, I really do not know how to share my worries with people.  Tuesday's incident really opened up my eyes and starting to change the way I think.  I know, God will still be there for me, to guide and give me hints how to overcome my problem.  And yet, God also has shown me that I still need another human to be there for me.

I know I could rely on you.  As I told you that day, I do not want to trouble people with my problem.  I will keep it to myself for as long as I could.  I also know that you would want me to be more open with you, sharing stories/worries etc, but I do hope you would give me more time to get used to it.  I do not know how to start, as I might think it is not necessary for me to share my worries with anybody.  I need you to help me realise that in this world, we do need a shoulder to cry on, someone who could be there for us during good and bad times. 

Maybe the time has come for me to start trusting another human again and the person could be you.... 

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