Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cerita Hari Sabtu - 08 September 2012

I bumped into her as I was accompanying my mom doing some grocery shopping.  I was stunned, so did she.  For a good few seconds we were looking at each other but something deep inside my heart tell me to just forget about it.  Then I looked away, continue doing whatever I was doing at that point of time, so did she.

Within few seconds after that, all the memories started to flood into my mind.  The good and the bad times, especially after what had happened and how she hurt me so much.  Dear Ex-BFF, I have forgiven you long time ago but to be associated with you again, it is a big No-No.  Whatever that you have said about me to your friends really hurt me and I did not expect it's coming especially from you, my then close friend.  We did share some wonderful time together, gossiping, sharing stories and sad tales but that was so long time ago.  After what had happened, I realise that some people can be nice to you but the moment something happened, they will boast to the whole world, telling their sides of the tale.  At the same time, these people will start to gang up, getting others to be on their side. 

Do you know that until now, none of our acquintence know the reason as to why I would not want to be associated with you anymore.  They did ask but I just smile.  I am not the type of person who will bad mouth about my own BFF to other people nor sharing any dark secrets of my BFF in public.  I guess you did that, just like what you did to our friend before.

Enough is enough, apology accepted but then again, sorry no cure.  It is better we lead our own lives and do not interfere with each other any more.

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