Sunday, March 11, 2012

Planning, planning and more planning

Currently in the midst of making a long list of "To Do" things and must be completed before fasting month. 

1.  A short holiday somewhere nearby
-  Still surfing and looking at best bargain.  My travelling buddy can't travel with me this year, so, I have to travel with new set of friends....hmmmm......

A.  Bandung - My favourite place for holiday. 

B.  Thinking of going to Bali this year.  Baru ckp dgn mak aku, dia dah bising and terus tak approve percutian ku....huhuhu

C.  Krabi, Thailand.  A beautiful place and kalau ada duit terlebih, blh adjust apa2 bhgn badan yg perlu diadjust....heheheh.  Now, where's the queen of surgery and adjustment nie??  hahahah

2.  Paint my room
Reason being, dah boring dgn kaler sky blue nie.  Would love to paint my room with either pink or apple green kaler. 

3.  Refurbish my room
Perhaps new bedroom set will do the magic of transforming this dull, ordinary room to ala2 my crib artis hollywood.....hehehe

Walla dream to have a room like this.  Dpt half of this pun, dah superb

I like this concept. 

This concept is also nice and soothing.  Gerenti tak keluar bilik mcm nie

4.  Refresher course on how to use/operate the sewing maching
Once dah dapat the sewing maching dari Chiep (kunci store dia hilang lar pulak), aku nak hantar benda tu pergi service and start to use it.

Nota kaki:  Posting yg sengal sempena Hari Sengal Sedonia...hujan2 nie buat otak aku slow sikit nak menulis.  Semua gambo adalah ehsan pakcik google

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