Sunday, February 24, 2013

Only in my dream......

Malam tadi aku bermimpi akan dia.  The thing is, he has passed away almost 4 years ago and yet, off and on, dia akan appear dalam mimpi ku.

Aku bermimpi yang aku masuk satu bilik yang teramat luas dan selesa.  There he was, sedang berbaring dan berehat.  He smiled when he saw me.  I went to him.  I know for the fact that I was really happy to see him.  He smiled a lot.  Though he did not open his mouth when he talked, somehow I knew that he said he is comfortable there.  He looked really healthy in my dream.  The only thing that he complained was his left chest was a bit painful whenever he breathes.  I told him that it could be due to his illness (he had COPD and he passed away because of it).

Selepas berkata begitu kepada dia, aku pun terjaga.  It was so real that the moment I woke up, aku percaya yang dia masih ada.  Then reality begins to hit me.  He had passed away almost 4 years.  Masa aku terjaga tu, jam menunjukkan pukul 2:30 pagi.  Lantas ku sedekahkan Al fatihah kepada dia, moga dia terus tenang dan aman di alam sana.

By him appearing in my dreams, I believe, he is trying to tell me that he is ok and dont want me to be sad.  Dont you worry dear, insya allah, segala kata nasihat mu akan ku ingat selagi hayat dikandung badan.

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