Sunday, August 11, 2013

Iftar with the usual suspects

Pada 06 Ogos 2013 hari tu, kitaorg dah arrange satu Iftar session with the usual suspects.  This has been our yearly event ever since we got to know each other way back 8 years ago.  Kali nie special sikit coz besides the get together session, ianya juga adalah farewell session buat 2 of usual suspects, i.e. Nad and Awie.  Sedih gak dgn pemergian mereka tapi apakan daya, that's their choice and hope they will enjoy their new ventures.

Session kali nie juga telah menerima guests of honour, i.e. my former boss and puan Zalina Jaflus.  It is a very joyful and enjoyable session filled with jokes and laughter.

After Iftar session, kitaorg sambung lagi dgn ngeteh session.  Bayangkan lobi hotel tu dipenuhi dgn hilaian ketawa kitaorg 7 org nie....mmg menggamatkan suasana apabila semuanya berkumpul.

Buat Nad and Awie, all the best in your future undertakings, keep in touch (i'm sure uolss for sure will since we are connected in FB) and take care.

Bergambar kenangan, me and the usual suspects......

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