Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I normally do during my free/leisure time

People tend to ask me, what do I normally do during my free time.....well, besides reading and surfing the net, I enjoy cooking and baking.....

I really enjoy the time spent in the kitchen.....preparing all the ingredients right up to the time when the food is served. This is also one of the many ways how I de-stress myself.....

Well, some people do pass remarks like "why must life lingers around food", "get a life"..bla bla bla.....For me, people can say whatever they want because one man's food is another man's poison....What I enjoy doing might not be your cup of, save all the comments and syinical remarks to yourself......Life is simple, dont make it complicated....wokeh babeh!! hehehe

Nanti lar....aku kena search gambo2 benda yg aku masak and tepek kat sini......tak de lak dlm hard drive PC ofis nie hah.....:-))

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